Odette by Jessica Duchen | BOOK REVIEW

"...The smart use of magical realism was as enchanting as it was captivating. Obviously, swans mate for life so reading about Odette trying to find her footing a century after she had even interacted with anyone other than her captor the Baron, was utterly intriguing. Her high standards of love are inspiring and infectious. Odette is heartbroken at the casual, empty declarations of love that plague people in these times - her grief made me relate."


Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern | BOOK REVIEW

"...I really liked Laura as a heroine, her introspection was interesting, even if it did come across as a little weak. But Solomon... *shakes head* I could not get on with him at all. I thought he was a really arrogant, sly, quite nasty character, to be honest, even if that wasn't what the author was going for."

Petals and Stones by Joanne Burn | BOOK REVIEW

"...The plot was okay but it didn't grip me at all. The characters lacked a little something, especially considering the author continuously alternates between the present and the past; which gives the perfect opportunity to bring a character to life and understand their background. Instead, the author decides to explore the relationships between the four friends in the book; Uma, Daniel, Pippa and Aaron, during these throwback episodes."

Rattle by Fiona Cummins | BOOK REVIEW

"...I genuinely got chills when I read the narrative from The Bone Collector's perspective. I love living in a mind that makes no sense to me. And I very rarely find that thrillers are unpredictable, like this one was. Especially from such a bogeyman as The Bone Collector - my mum literally warned me about guys like him. To see the world from his eyes was horrifying yet strangely elating at the same time."

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare | BOOK REVIEW

"...Clary is your typical teenage angst paranormal heroine, pining over a boy she can never be with, whilst learning to battle demons. She comes into her own more in this book and actually begins to expand on her skills that were lacking in the first book yet consistently implied of. I am actually pretty excited - also slightly apprehensive - of how the author develops her further."

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig | BOOK REVIEW

"...How to Stop Time was a seriously heavy read. It took me over a week to complete a 300 odd page book that I could usually read in a day or two. I would procrastinate picking it up and finishing it but once I started reading it again I would get completely absorbed in the profoundly intense narration and wouldn't be able to put it down. I found it hard to get myself psyched up to read it as it was extremely potent because one I started reading, it felt like I was going down the rabbit hole surrounded by somebody else's thoughts - not always necessarily a good thing - but for Matt Haig, it worked. And being in that rabbit hole became slightly addictive."